We now have a Facebook Group that anyone is welcome to join - it is called Haney Trail Riders.

For trail concerns, contact:

For Trail Concerns - contact Geoff Mallory by email to: or Allison Geofrey

Trail stuff...

Some local trail videos from Stephanie and her Dad:
Tim's Trail:

Horseman's Park:

Docksteader's Trail:

Greg Moore Trail and beyond:

Merlyn the star at his best.... :-)

Monthly meetings

Meetings are held every second Thursday upstairs at Planet Ice, Albion Fairgrounds.

No meetings in July, August and December.



2015 Membership Drive!

I'll try to keep it short and sweet...
Haney Horsemen Association needs numbers!
We need to show the District of Maple Ridge that Equestrians in Maple Ridge truly appreciate the Equestrian Trail Network in Maple Ridge. We need to show the District of Maple Ridge that there are more than just the 40 members of Haney Horsemen that ride the trails!
On Haney Trailriders  and Mission Trailriders there are many equestrians that use the trails on a regular basis. These riders help us be stewards of the trails by reporting downed trees and other issues. We relay these issues through our Equestrian Trail Committee that regularly meets with the District and the Committee and Executive of Haney Horsemen is also in constant email contact with the District and also the Park Ranger for Golden Ears Park regarding trail issues, trail preseveration, trail development and maintenance. Haney Horsemen have been working with the Back Country Horsemen of BC on projects in Golden Ears Park and contributed a $5000 grant towards the Horse Camp improvements and other projects in Golden Ears Park.
Every trailrider in Maple Ridge -- using the Equestrian Trail Network -- should be a member of Haney Horsemen -- a steward of the Equestrian Trail Network.
We believe if we increase our membership numbers we will all be more successful in the protection and preservation of our trails and a greater voice against new developments encroaching on the trail network.
Thank you for your consideration. Please complete the Membership form and mail it with your membership fee to our Treasurer Lynn Byer. Also, please email this to other Maple Ridge trail riders you know of! Thank you and wishing you Happy Trails in 2015!
Dianne Darlington-Stoesz
Haney Horsemen Association
Next Meeting: Planet Ice, Maple Ridge, 7:30 pm, Thursday, January 8th (No guest speaker)
February Meeting:  Special Guest Speaker!
                          Planet Ice, Maple Ridge, 7:30 pm, Thursday, February 12th,
                          Guest Speaker: Myles Herman, Equine Kinesiologist
For more info contact

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Kim and Montana - Tevis Cup 2009 - FINISHER!!!!

Here's the BUCKLE to prove it!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009 2:34 PM
Subject: Re: Kim tevis cup

Hi Bill and HH members, Montana and I arrived back to a barn full of banners and balloons and cake and carrots. Thank you all for your support and good wishes it really means alot. I thought about why I was lucky enough to be at Tevis as I rode along those 100 miles and I know it's because I'm able to train on our trail system here in Maple Ridge.I had many inquiries about my horse and how we train and I explained about the dedicated group at home who work so hard to maintain our wonderful trail system and the opportunity it gives us to ride through rivers, up and down mountains, rocky technical trail and canter along nicely groomed paths. It was truly a ride of a lifetime and I feel so lucky to have a great horse and friends like all of you. See you on the trail!!! Kim Hofmarks